5 Ways Drones Can Boost the Efficiency of Your Warehouse

Did you know you can use drones to make your warehouse more efficient – without breaking the bank?

Start using drones

Formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles, drones have become one of the most sought after solution by many retailers to help them with their supply chain.

Besides being used in warehouses, drones today are being used to keep an eye on the weather, traffic, sporting events.

The following are 5 ways that you can use drones to boost the efficiency of your warehouse:

1. Stock Taking

Stock taking in a large warehouse containing numerous handling units is where the time and labor saving benefit of drones is clearly evident.

Normally, it will take a team of about 10 people with forklift trucks and handheld scanners almost three days to complete a stock taking job. A single drone can complete it in barely two days.

By avoiding forklift trucks for this purpose and adopting the use of drones for barcode scanning, you'll be able to conserve energy as well as avoid safety risk associated with lifting someone up to the high metal shelving to scan the top bar codes.

2. Speeds up Deliveries between Commercial Buildings

While researchers are still figuring out how drones can be used to perform home deliveries of same day services, you can take advantage of product delivery in the supply chain.

A drone can be used to move materials from one department to another or place products on the pallets to be shipped to the retailers or end user.

See how drones already work in Amazon's warehouses.

Using drones for internal delivery increases flexibility as you just have to configure to and from on the delivery option. You can also increase capacity by deploying multiple drones.

3. Monitoring the Delivery Routes

An additional capability of drones is monitoring the delivery routes for any disruptions which could affect the timely delivery of products.

Drones can monitor the condition of roads for any hazards and report the information to you, giving you an opportunity to select an alternative route.

4. Surveillance Devices

Drones act as a superior alternative to traditional video cameras as they can access places where stationary cameras are unable to.

This significantly reduces theft as they can monitor all areas of the warehouse, allowing you to see any suspicious activity that may take place.

5. Enhances Employees Safety

Drones can be used to enhance the safety of the employees as well as the entire warehouse. They can be used to inspect the dangerous areas, gather data, deliver spare parts as well as monitor the ongoing activity.

This in turn allows you to gather data from the video coverage along with GPS positioning; you can take any action required promptly, especially in case of an accident.